Q&A With Roughriders Noel Devine

Q: Tell everyone about yourself, and some of your greatest moments at WVU?

A: Hello for the ones that don’t know me or much about me my name is Noel Devine. I’m 30 years old a father of five.  Desirae is my oldest, she is 13.  She plays travel softball year round and plays the middle school sports volleyball, track, and basketball. Andre is 13, he plays football, baseball, and track. Destyni is 11, she runs track and made junior Olympics two years. Noel Devine 3rd, he’s 6 years old and he plays football, baseball, and track. And baby Noah will find his identity chasing after his siblings trying to keep up. My Significant Other name is Candace.

One of my greatest moments in West Virginia was when I took the field my first game and the crowd stood up and  gave me a standing ovation, clapping and cheering excited to see if the hype was real about Devine. 

Q: How much does it mean to you to be back in the great state of West Virginia and playing for such a successful organization as the West Virginia Roughriders?

A: Coming back to the great state of West Virginia is a great opportunity for me in a perfect situation with the best organization the Roughriders. It’s a great opportunity to play football back in front of the greatest fans in the world. I feel great about coming back to West Virginia. I’m looking forward to bringing the city out and showing everyone a good time watching the Roughriders.

Q: I know you started your own training company.  Tell everyone a little about what DEVINESPEED is and what type of training they would get if they decided they wanted to get trained by DEVINESPEED?

A: I started DevineSpeed back at home in Fort Myers Florida in 2015. I enjoy training others - it’s all about the growth to me. The development of discipline, work ethic, drive and determination. Physical fitness pushing and challenging yourself to become better is the same in life. Work building champion characteristics into athletes so they have a strong foundation for life. 
         •Devine speed
            -Running Mechanics 
           - Improves speed 
            -Lateral movement 
             -First Step Acceleration 
            -Sled pulls
            -Resistance Bands
            -Release Harness 

If you train with me you should expect to work hard give 110%, these are college routine workouts that I’ve done before college or I learned after college, so it’s intense. You will get hands on experience. I’ll show you how to do the rep and tell you how to. You can expect to get faster quicker and stronger. 

Q: What is your current 40 time? (FAN Q)

A: My current 40 time is 4.4.
If I joined DevineSpeed for a 6 week program I could reach a 4.3-maybe 4.2.

Q: Do you enjoy getting out in the community and giving back?

A: I'm a family man and I’m always doing something with my family, taking kids to practices and training kids. I like being in the community giving back my time and knowledge to the youth. Getting out in the community meeting people getting to know my surroundings is important to me. 

Q: When will the fans expect to see you up here in Wheeling, WV? 

A: Fans should expect to see me around Wheeling at the end of January! 
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