Arvell Nelson Headed to Wheeling Arena Bowl XXXI MVP Joins the Roughriders

The West Virginia Roughriders add another Arena Bowl MVP to the 2020 season. The Roughriders welcome Arvell Nelson to the city of Wheeling. Arvell played with the Roughriders in 2018. Later in that same season signed with the Washington Valor of the AFL and won Arena Bowl XXXI. Arvell spent 7 seasons in the Arena Football League. With his best year statistically coming in 2016 as the leader of the Cleveland Gladiators’ “Bomb Squad”. Nelson reunites with fellow Gladiator teammate and Roughrider Larry Beavers Jr. 

 Arvell looks to build off a great 2019 season, which he threw for 2,980 yards and 54 touchdowns. The dual threat QB has 937 rushing yards and 61 touchdowns in his career. Early in his career he played linebacker, where he racked up 48 tackles in 2014 with the Pittsburgh Power. This experience on the defense helps him to know where the defenders are on the field. Arvell is a great piece to the puzzle in West Virginia. He brings in great leadership and is a real student of the game of arena football.

About the Roughriders:

The West Virginia Roughriders are members of the National Arena League (NAL). They completed their inaugural season here Wheeling, finishing the season 13-0 and winning the American Arena League Championship. Overall, the Roughriders are 32-2 winning a AAF Championship(2017) and a AAL Championship (2019). 2020 season ticket plans are now on sale at westvirginiaroughriders.com or at wesbancoarena.com.

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