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Player personel director Andrew Germann moves on from Arena Football.

Working for the Roughriders has been an experience that I wish more people would get a chance to enjoy. I’ll never forget landing in Washington DC and being on the lookout for my new boss Gregg’s Pink Bugatti to take me to my first training camp with the team in Richmond. When you’re 22 and a full-time student most people are worried about if they studied enough for their next exam, or what their friends are going to do that weekend; not if the team they stayed up all night for months helping to construct is going to win a championship. I’ve been fortunate enough to live the life of a king because of everyone who believed in a 22-year-old kid from a small town in Massachusetts. I want to thank every single player who took a chance and signed with us over the years giving the organization everything they had and helping us to have all of the success we did on and off the field. I want to thank all of the coaches, front office staff, and interns I worked with Richmond and Wheeling for everything they did and for making me look way better at my job than I really am. People have asked me what I’m going to miss and most people say it’s going to be the partying or winning, but I think I’ve gotten enough of that in haha.

With Gregg deciding it’s time to move on and Mook the following suit I think there’s no better time than now to ride off into the sunset with a massive championship ring on my finger.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to get to where I am. My family the G6, RC, GH, JG, RC, AN, RK, ND, CA, JB, RM, SO, BR, DG, MW, MJ, Lights Out, LC, AP, MM, SH, SD.

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Roughriders Owner/GM Gregg Fornario adds "Andrew literally was the secret to our success, he can evaluate talent better than anyone I know. He helped provide us with big names such as Greg Hardy and Robert Meachem that went a long way towards building the Roughriders brand." Andrew is excited to embark on his new journey after purchasing 50% of a sports agency. The Roughriders want to thank Andrew for his years with the organization and wish him great success in his new endeavors!

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